We provide an email summarization service based on ChatGPT, which makes it easier to manage your emails.

Currently, the service is for testing purposes only.
You can use it without signing up, but please note that it is for testing purposes only.

  • ⚠️ Please use your personal email or Gmail account only, as errors may occur during use.
  • ⚠️ We have limited the number of uses. If the maximum usage limit is exceeded, the service will be suspended.

Newsletter Digest

We are pleased to announce our new service, Newsletter Digest! With this service, you can have your newsletters summarized and delivered to you via email.

To use the service, simply sign up and we will issue you a unique email address: undefined. You can then forward your newsletters to this email address and we will summarize them for you.

Please note that the Newsletter Digest service is currently in beta testing and may be subject to changes or interruptions. Thank you for your understanding.

Summarization feature

We summarize the contents of received emails and provide a response.
This feature can be used to translate and summarize newsletters with a lot of content or newsletters in other languages.

  • Summarization + English translation:
  • Summarization + Korean translation:

Translation feature (coming soon)

We will translate the contents of received emails and provide a response when you forward them to [email protected].